Ultra-Smooth Bottom, Built To Last

SportStuff Snow Ryder Hardwood Snowboard with Velcro Bindings

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SportStuff Snow Ryder Hardwood Snowboard with Velcro Bindings

Why We Love SportsStuff Snow Ryder Hardwood Snowboard with Velcro Bindings

This entry-level snowboard features easy adjustable hook and loop bindings, providing effortless access and a secure fit for little shredders. Built like no other, the snow ryder children's snowboard features durable, multi-layer hardwood construction that can take on the toughest slopes across multiple seasons.

What You Should Know About SportsStuff Snow Ryder Hardwood Snowboard with Velcro Bindings

Perfect for beginners, this snowboard will enter you into the world of cruising' the slopes, durable, hardwood construction for long lasting, repetitive use, easy adjusting,  hook and loop binding allows for them to be adjusted easily note: no metal edge. Not for resort use. Size, 130cm for riders 80-150lbs.

Best All-Terrain, For All Levels

STAUBER Summit Snowboard & Binding

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STAUBER Summit Snowboard & Binding

Why We Love STAUBER Summit Snowboard & Binding

This is a user-friendly package designed to tackle all terrains. The board satisfies a range of skill levels. Beginners will love the rig - it is super smooth and buttery.

They can enjoy the full snowboarding experience without being overly concerned about catching an edge. The hybrid rocker profile is great for learning how to carve with confidence and makes hitting small jumps seem effortless. The intermediate to advanced rider will love to thrash around the mountain on this rig.

What You Should Know About STAUBER Summit Snowboard & Binding

Lightweight rig with a medium flex - durable gloss finished top-sheet paired with rigid snowboard bindings made of injection moulded polyethylene. Twin directional (symmetric) tip and tail, hybrid profile (camber rocker camber profile) with camber underfoot and a rocker core (prevents edge catching and enhances pop), using the standard 2 x 4 mounting system made with stainless steel inserts.

Easy To Use, Cost Effective

Sledsterz The Original Kids' Snowboard by Geospace

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Sledsterz The Original Kids' Snowboard by Geospace

Why We Love Sledsterz The Original Kids' Snowboard by Geospace

Sledsterz the original green kids snowboard, is shaped to go fast, make turns, and hit bumps and jumps on snow covered hills in the neighbourhood. Insert and secure the bindings from the underside of the board. Riders just hop on, strap in, & start shredding ,no special boots or bindings required.

What You Should Know About Sledsterz The Original Kids' Snowboard by Geospace

New improved bindings for 2019 fasten securely to the board. They have 3 adjustable settings depending on boot/shoe size and can be reversed for regular or goofy foot riders.

Specifications, this 40-inch-tall by 10.5-inch-wide snowboard is made of a super-strong polymer and engineered for years of cold-weather fun. Recommended for ages 6 to 12.

Great Starter Board

Emsco Group – Graffiti Snowboard

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Emsco Group Graffiti Snowboard – Great for Beginners For Kids Ages 5-15

Why We Love Emsco Group – Graffiti Snowboard

Kids can either draw their own designs or color the existing graphics. Both markers and stickers are included for kids to design their own graphics. The graffiti snowboard can be used to practice beginner snowboarding techniques.

It is user-friendly, so kids will be able to ride it without feeling any pressure. It allows children to familiarize themselves with the feel of being on a snowboard before taking it to the slopes. This is the perfect holiday gift for both girls and boys who are looking to try snowboarding.

What You Should Know About Emsco Group

This snowboard is appropriate for children ages 5 to 15. It is perfect for entry-level snowboarding, making it a great fit for novice kids. Customize and design your own graphics – the amazing surface of this board boasts hip and trendy designs.

Solid, quality construction, made of a solid polypropylene construction, this kids’ snowboard showcases excellent workmanship. Adjustable bindings – this snowboard has step-in bindings that are adjustable for children of all ages. It will lock into place after adjusting, so youngsters and tweens of different sizes can fit in without any worries.

Kids Beginner Plastic Snowboard

Lucky Bums Kids Beginner Plastic Snowboard

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Lucky Bums Kids Beginner Plastic Snowboard

Why We Love Lucky Bums Kids Beginner Plastic Snowboard

Great choice to introduce kids to snowboarding in the backyard or on a nearby sledding hill. It includes pre-mounted adjustable bindings that accommodate snow boots; a durable latch system ensures secure fit. Snowboard does not include metal edges, snowboard not recommended for ski resort use.

What You Should Know About Lucky Bums Kids Beginner Plastic Snowboard

O need to fight to stay in those sandal strap binding designs anymore! The rugged design includes pre mounted adjustable bindings that accommodate show boots, on a smooth bottom board with a traditional snowboard cut. The 120cm long board has no metal edges and is ideal as a gift for the first time snowboarder.

Best Snowboard For Beginners For You

So, if you’re looking for the best snowboard for beginners, be sure to check out our top picks. We’ve read the product details and verified customer reviews so that you can buy with confidence. And don’t forget to click the button above to check the price on the best snowboard for beginners.

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