Are you looking for an easy-to-follow reference on how bikes are measured? Read this article that lays out all the tips you need for finding the right sized bike.

Shopping for a new bike can be confusing, especially when trying to find the right size.

With several measurements, such as frame size, wheel size, seat height and handlebar width all needing to be taken into account, it helps to understand how to measure a bike correctly in order to pick the best bike for you.

Learn The Different Measurement Methods

Knowing how to measure a bike correctly is essential in getting the right-sized bike. There are several measurements that you'll need to take and include when buying a bike: Frame size, wheel size, seat height and handlebar width are all important factors.

Depending on the type of bike you have, some of these measurements may either be more or less relevant - but if you’re aware of their importance and the correct way to measure for them, this will help in finding the perfect-sized bike for you.

Measure Your Inseam Length

This is the primary metric you should be concerned with when buying a bike as it will help determine your frame size.

In order to get an accurate inseam length measurement, you need to stand on a flat, level surface and use either a measuring tape or book to measure the length of your inner leg from your crotch to the ground.

Knowing this measurement will give you an idea of the bike frame size that would best suit your body’s requirements.

Know Your Torso Length And Arm Length

A second important note to keep in mind when measuring bike sizes is that the torso length and arm length also need to be taken into consideration. The torso length can be found by standing against a wall with your heels together and placing a hand on both sides of your hipbones.

Measuring your arm length is done by measuring from the end of the shoulder (where it meets the collarbone) to where the middle finger meets the palm.

These two measurements should be used in addition to those for seat height and inseam for an accurate bike size calculation.

Use The Bike Sizing Chart To Make A Decision

Once you’ve taken the measurements for seat height and inseam, you can use a bike sizing chart to find the ideal size of bike.

The use of a bike-sizing chart can help narrow down your options based on your specific measurements as different manufacturers have differently sized bikes.

When possible, it's highly recommended to try out the bikes before making a purchase, as this can give you an idea of how they handle in real life and make sure you get an exact fit.

Choose The Right Style Of Bike Frame For Your Heights And Proportions

Different types of bikes have different sized frames, and you need to find the right size for your proportions. BMX bikes are small with short top tubes, while mountain bike frames typically have a longer top tube and height.

When choosing a style of frame, consider your number of inches inseam multiplied by 0.67 gives you the correct frame size as a proportion of your body height. To get an exact fit, use a tape measure or ruler against your body to determine what size frame is best for you.

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